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Biennial, armed with prickles or spines ± throughout. Stem: erect, generally < 2 m, stout, few-branched, rough-hairy. Leaf: generally < 5 dm, entire or toothed. Inflorescence: generally ± cylindric; involucre bracts unequal, linear, receptacle bract ending in a spine. Flower: calyx limb cup-shaped, persistent; corolla generally lavender (white), tube long, lobes unequal; stamens 4. Fruit: 4-angled, hairy.
± 15 species: Europe, western Asia, Africa. (Greek: thirst, from leaf bases that in some species hold water)
Unabridged references: [Ferguson & Brizicky 1965 J Arnold Arbor 46:362–365]

Key to Dipsacus

1. Receptacle bract ending in a straight, ± flexible spine; involucre bract generally erect or upcurved ..... D. fullonum

1' Receptacle bract ending in a recurved, stiff spine; involucre bract generally ± spreading or reflexed ..... D. sativus


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