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Key to Hypericum

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1. Petals < 5 mm; styles 1–1.5 mm; fruit chamber 1, placenta parietal

2. Plant prostrate to decumbent, 3–30 cm; flower branches near stem tips; leaves below inflorescence elliptic to ± round, 4–15 mm, abruptly reduced above lowest flower branches ..... H. anagalloides

2' Plant ± erect, 20–60 cm; flower branches from mid-stem or lower; leaves below inflorescence elliptic to ovate, 10–25 mm, slightly reduced above lowest flower branches ..... H. mutilum subsp. mutilum

1' Petals > 5 mm; styles 2–20 mm; fruit chambers 3, placentas axile

3. Perennial herb from taproot, rhizome, or woody caudex

4. Leaf linear to lanceolate, generally folded, tip acute; stem from woody caudex ..... H. concinnum

4' Leaf ± elliptic to ovate or oblong, not folded, tip obtuse; stem from taproot or rhizome

5. Leaf narrowly oblong; sterile axillary branches generally 2–10 cm; fruit unlobed ..... H. perforatum subsp. perforatum

5' Leaf ovate to elliptic; sterile axillary branches generally < 2 cm; fruit 3-lobed ..... H. scouleri

3' Shrub or subshrub

6. Petals <= 10 mm, <= sepals ..... [H. androsaemum]

6' Petals > 10 mm, 2–4 × sepals

7. Stem 1 or few-branched; flowers generally 1(3) per stem ..... H. calycinum

7' Stem many-branched; flowers generally > 1 per branch

8. Leaves sessile, narrowly lance-oblong; petals 12–17 mm ..... H. canariense

8' Leaves petioled, petiole 1–4 mm; leaves ovate to broadly lanceolate; petals 15–30 mm ..... [H. hookerianum]


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