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Small shrub, generally densely branched. Stem: angled, ± green, ± thorny at tips or not, hairs 0 to sparse. Leaf: small, generally deciduous, ± entire, ± sessile. Flower: petals narrow-oblanceolate, white. Fruit: ovoid, generally striate, generally beaked. Seed: generally 1–2, generally brown; aril ± inconspicuous, generally ± white.
± 5 species: western United States, northern Mexico, especially limestone in desert mountains. (Greek: tongue petal, from petal shape) [Yatskievych 2007 Novon 17:529–530]
Unabridged references: [Holmgren 1988 Brittonia 40:269–274]
Unabridged note: Formerly treated as Forsellesia, in Celastraceae.

Key to Glossopetalon

1. Leaf spine-tipped; stipules 0; flowers terminal; fruit 1, < 1 mm ..... G. pungens

1' Leaf tip rounded or short-pointed; stipules as 2 minute bristles near leaf base; flowers axillary; fruit 1–2, 3–5.5 mm ..... G. spinescens var. aridum


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