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1. Petals 3–8 mm; stigma exserted beyond anthers (see also Gayophytum heterozygum)

2. Petals 3–7 mm; Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada (Plumas Co.), San Bernardino Mountains, Warner Mountains ..... G. diffusum subsp. diffusum

2' Petals 4–8 mm; Sierra Nevada (s of Placer Co.) ..... G. eriospermum

1' Petals 0.5–3 mm; stigma generally not exserted beyond anthers

3. Seeds ± 50% aborted; fruit very irregular, lumpy ..... G. heterozygum

3' Seeds all maturing; fruit not irregular, smooth to very knobby

4. Fruit flat; plant generally branched only proximally, 2° branches 0–many

5. Lateral fruit valves staying attached; petals 0.8–1.5 mm; larger stamens ± 0.7 mm ..... G. humile

5' All fruit valves coming free; petals 1.3–1.8 mm; larger stamens 0.8–1.5 mm ..... G. racemosum

4' Fruit ± cylindric; plant branched only distally to throughout, 2° branches generally many

6. Seeds in each chamber overlapped, generally in 2 rows

7. Petals 1.2–3 mm; pedicel generally < fruit ..... G. diffusum subsp. parviflorum (3)

7' Petals 0.7–1.5 mm; pedicel generally > fruit ..... G. ramosissimum

6' Seeds in each chamber not overlapped, in 1 row

8. Seeds > 9, ± opposite; fruit slightly knobby

9. Branches ± throughout, generally 2–8 nodes between ..... G. decipiens

9' Branches at base or not, many distally, generally 0–1 node between ..... G. diffusum subsp. parviflorum (3)

8' Seeds (1)3–9, generally alternate; fruit very knobby

10. Seeds 6–9; fruit generally > pedicel ..... G. diffusum subsp. parviflorum (3)

10' Seeds (1)3–5; fruit ± = pedicel ..... G. oligospermum


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