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Key to Camissonia

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1. Inflorescence spike or raceme; pedicel in fruit ± 0–15 mm; sepals all separating when flower opens

2. Petals 8–18 mm; sepals 5–11 mm; stigma exceeding anthers ..... C. kernensis

3. Plant ± open, sparsely spreading-hairy, sparsely glandular-hairy; leaves not clustered at base; pedicel in fruit ± 0–5 mm ..... subsp. gilmanii

3' Plant compact, densely spreading-hairy, sparsely glandular-hairy; leaves clustered at base; pedicel in fruit 3–15 mm ..... subsp. kernensis

2' Petals 1.8–4 mm; sepals <= 3.8 mm; stigma surrounded by anthers

4. Leaf ± entire; plant ± glabrous or minutely strigose, generally sparsely glandular-hairy, rarely sparsely spreading-nonglandular-hairy ..... C. parvula

4' Leaf serrate or minutely so; plant hairs generally spreading, some glandular

5. Hypanthium 1.3–3 mm; sepals 2.2–3.8 mm; fruit (18)26–50 mm ..... C. pubens

5' Hypanthium 0.8–1.6 mm; sepals 1.2–2 mm; fruit 18–32 mm ..... C. pusilla

1' Inflorescence spike; pedicel in fr ± 0; sepals generally remaining fused in pairs when flower opens

6. Stigma exceeding anthers; sepals 3–8(12) mm; petals (3.5)5–15 mm

7. Leaf lanceolate to narrowly ovate or elliptic, ± entire; sepals < 4.2 mm ..... C. sierrae subsp. sierrae (2)

7' Leaf linear to narrow-elliptic or -oblanceolate, minutely to coarsely serrate; sepals 3–8(12) mm ..... C. campestris

8. Stem generally erect; leaf minutely serrate ..... subsp. campestris

8' Stem generally decumbent; leaf coarsely serrate ..... subsp. obispoensis

6' Stigma generally surrounded by anthers; sepals 1.2–4(5.5) mm; petals 2–7 mm

9. Leaf entire (teeth 1–2, small) ..... C. integrifolia

9' Leaf generally minutely serrate (Camissonia sierrae occasionally with only several small teeth)

10. Leaf lanceolate to narrowly ovate or elliptic, base obtuse or rounded ..... C. sierrae

11. Sepals 1.2–3 mm; petal base without red dots; style 2.8–5 mm ..... subsp. alticola

11' Sepals 3–4.2 mm; petal base with 2 red dots; style 4.5–7 mm ..... subsp. sierrae (2)

10' Leaf linear to narrowly elliptic, base acute or long-tapered

12. Plant minutely strigose, or some hairs spreading and glandular, or occasionally coarsely spreading and nonglandular toward base; < 10% of pollen grains 4-angled ..... C. strigulosa

12' Plant hairs spreading, generally fine (coarse in Camissonia contorta), often glandular in inflorescence; < 10% or > 30% of pollen grains 4-angled

13. Sepals (3)3.8–5.5 mm; petals (4)4.5–7 mm ..... C. lacustris

13' Sepals 2.5–4 mm; petals 3–5 mm

14. Leaf not (or slightly) blue-green; hypanthium ± 1.2 mm; plant nonglandular hairs of 2 types (linear, white; rod-shaped, transparent); < 10% of pollen grains 4-angled; Inner South Coast Ranges ..... C. benitensis

14' Leaf generally blue-green; hypanthium 1.2–2.3 mm; plant nonglandular hairs of 1 type (rod-shaped, transparent); generally > 30% of pollen grains 4-angled; widespread ..... C. contorta


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