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Key to Fraxinus

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1. Small to large tree; leaves compound, leaflets (3)4–11(14) cm; fruit pedicel tip expanded; plants with either staminate or pistillate flowers

2. Leaflets ovate, or oblong-(ob)ovate; lateral leaflets ± sessile; fruit body 15–18 mm, 25–50 mm including wing, tapered wing extending proximally to or below mid-body ..... F. latifolia

2' Leaflets lanceolate to lance-ovate or lance-obovate; lateral leaflets generally stalked; fruit body 12–14 mm, 15–38 mm including wing, tapered wing extending proximally to distal 1/4 of body ..... F. velutina

1' Shrub or small tree, stems many; leaves simple or compound, leaflets 2–5(6) cm; fruit pedicel tip ± slender; flowers generally bisexual.

3. Petals generally 0; leaves simple or leaflets 3(5); calyx irregularly cut; n&e Desert Mountains ..... F. anomala

3' Petals 2, white or cream, 3.5–6.5 mm; leaves simple or leaflets 3–9; calyx generally 4-toothed; California Floristic Province

4. Petals and filaments free except at base; leaves, including petioles, 7–18 cm; leaflets (3)5–7(9), generally serrate-crenate ..... F. dipetala

4' Petals fused with proximal filaments for 0.5–1.5 mm at base; leaves, including petioles, 2–5(6) cm, simple and/or leaflets 3; simple leaves and/or leaflets generally entire ..... F. parryi


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