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Annual, aquatic, submersed, mat-like or not; monoecious or dioecious. Stem: several, often much-branched, slender. Leaf: simple, cauline, ± opposite to ± whorled, sessile; sheath generally wider than, expanded abruptly at junction with blade; blade generally linear, margin entire to coarsely spine-toothed. Inflorescence: axillary; flowers 1–few, clustered, inconspicuous. Staminate flower: subtended by (0)2 minute involucres, inner membranous, flask-shaped, outer cup-like, tubular, or with free scales; perianth 0; stamen 1, anther opening irregularly, subsessile. Pistillate flower: generally not subtended by involucres; perianth 0; ovary 1, chamber 1, ovule 1, style short, generally terminal (from center of ovary, fruit top), stigma 2–4-lobed. Fruit: achene-like, fusiform; outer wall thin, ± translucent.
± 50 species: ± worldwide. (Greek: water nymph) [Haynes 2000 FNANM 22:77–83] Najas graminea Delile is an agricultural weed.
Unabridged references: [Shaffer-Fehre 1991 Bot J Linn Soc 107:189–209; Haynes 2000 FNANM 22:77–83]

Key to Najas

1. Staminate, pistillate flowers on different plants; leaf blade midrib abaxially prickled; internodes generally prickled; seed >= 1.2 mm wide, coat pitted ..... N. marina

1' Staminate, pistillate flowers on same plants; leaf blade midrib abaxially not prickled; internodes not prickled; seed <= 1.2 mm wide, coat smooth or pitted, smooth if seed reaching 1.2 mm wide

2. Style subterminal (not from center of ovary, fruit top) ..... N. gracillima

2' Style terminal

3. Seed narrowly to widely obovate, coat smooth, shiny; anther chambers 1 ..... N. flexilis

3' Seed fusiform, coat pitted, dull; anther chambers 4 ..... N. guadalupensis subsp. guadalupensis


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