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Lyn A. Craven

Shrub, small tree. Leaf: alternate, narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate, generally aromatic due to essential oils. Inflorescence: dense cylindrical cluster surrounding stem at tip or just below. Flower: calyx lobes, petals 5; stamens many, free or fused at base (generally in 5 bundles), several × > perianth, 13–30 mm, red. Fruit: capsule enclosed in persistent cup-shaped hypanthium. Seed: generally 1–3 mm, many.
± 280 species: Australasia, Indonesia; cultivated, generally as ornamental, or for essential oils. (Greek: black, white, from trunk, branches of some members) [Craven 2006 Novon 16:468–475]
Unabridged references: [Craven & Lepschi 1999 Austral Syst Bot 12:819–927]

Key to Melaleuca

1. Stamens free, falling separately ..... [M. citrina]

1' Stamens fused at base, generally in 5 bundles of 9–14, all 5 falling as 1 unit ..... M. viminalis


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