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Key to Eucalyptus

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1. Inflorescence a panicle of 3–many-flowered umbels

2. Leaves lanceolate, lemon-scented; bark smooth ..... E. citriodora

2' Leaves ovate, elliptic, or round, not lemon-scented; bark rough ..... E. polyanthemos

1' Inflorescence a 3–many-flowered umbel or flowers 1 in axils

3. Flowers 1 in leaf axils, ± sessile; fruit glaucous, > 1.5 cm wide ..... E. globulus

3' Flowers 3–many in stalked umbels; fruit not glaucous, < 1 cm wide

4. Bark deeply furrowed, dark brown to ± black; anthers 0 on outer stamens ..... E. sideroxylon

4' Bark smooth, shedding, occasionally rough near base, mottled, gray, white, orange, or tan; anthers on all stamens

5. Fls, fruit fused at base into cluster 3–6 cm wide ..... E. conferruminata

5' Fls, fruit all free at base

6. Hypanthium cylindric or urn-shaped; leaves lighter abaxially ..... E. cladocalyx

6' Hypanthium obconic, ovoid, or hemispheric; leaves same color on both sides

7. Inflorescence a 3-flowered umbel ..... E. viminalis

7' Inflorescence a 5–15-flowered umbel

8. Leaves linear, generally < 0.5 cm wide; fruit valves not exserted ..... E. pulchella

8' Leaves lanceolate, generally > 1 cm wide; fruit valves exserted

9. Bud cap hemispheric, beaked, ± = hypanthium ..... E. camaldulensis

9' Bud cap horn-shaped to conic, not beaked, ± 2 × hypanthium ..... E. tereticornis


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