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Annual, unarmed. Stem: spreading radially, prostrate to ascending, < 1 m. Leaf: even-1-pinnate; stipules narrow, green. Inflorescence: flowers 1 in axils. Flower: sepals persistent or not; petals yellow to orange, persistent, withering. Fruit: 10-lobed, splitting into 10 tubercled nutlets; style persistent; pedicel reflexed. Seed: 1 per chamber.
17 species: warm and tropical America. (Anders Kallstroem, obscure contemporary of Scopoli, author of genus, 1733–1812) [Porter 1969 Contr Gray Herb 198:41–153]

Key to Kallstroemia

1. Style < fruit body; peduncle generally < to ± = subtending leaf; petals 3–5 mm; sepals deciduous ..... K. californica

1' Style > fruit body; peduncle > to >> subtending leaf; petals 6–30 mm; sepals persistent

2. Sepals >> fruit body, spreading; petals 15–30 mm, yellow to orange, darker at base ..... [K. grandiflora]

2' Sepals ± = to slightly > fruit body, appressed; petals 6–12 mm, orange ..... K. parviflora


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