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1. Perennial herb (annual), perennial herb; roots 2 per node; leaf sheath open, with 2 membranous flaps; leaf blade to 20(25) cm, (0.5) 1–1.5 (2) mm wide; staminate flowers each subtended by 1 bract ..... Z. japonica

1' Perennial herb; roots 5–20 per node; leaf sheath closed, without membranous flaps; leaf blade to 110 cm, 1.5–18.5 mm wide; staminate flowers not subtended by bract (or lowermost subtended by 1 bract)

2. Leaves 1.5–12(16) mm wide, tip generally obtuse; seed with longitudinal ridges; plants of shallow waters in bays, estuaries, rooted generally 1–4 m below mean low tide; flower Mar–Jun, fruit May–Aug ..... Z. marina

2' Leaves 12–18.5 mm wide, tip generally notched; seed smooth or with weak longitudinal ridges; plants of subtidal waters, rooted generally 4–17 m below mean low tide; flower (May)Aug, fruit Sep–Oct ..... Z. pacifica


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