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Annual from taproot or perennial herb from rhizome; hairs branched or not, glandular or not. Leaf: ± opposite or not, entire to pinnate-lobed. Inflorescence: flowers 1–few per axil, pedicelled. Flower: generally nodding; calyx 5-lobed, enlarged and persistent, bladder-like in fruit; corolla ± rotate to shallowly bell-shaped, generally ± yellow, often dark-spotted adaxially; stamens 5, attached to hairy band in tube, anthers free, generally < filaments, opening by slits; style generally straight. Fruit: berry, fleshy [dry]. Seed: many, 2–2.5 mm, ± spheric to reniform.
± 85 species: America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia. (Greek: bladder, from calyx in fruit) Unripe fruit often TOXIC. Needs study in western United States. Some species cultivated for edible or ornamental fruit.
Unabridged references: [Sullivan 1985 Syst Bot 10:426–444]

Key to Physalis

1. Flower ± erect; corolla purple; style curved ..... P. lobata

1' Flower generally nodding or otherwise not ± erect; corolla ± yellow to pale yellow; style straight

2. Leaf hairs branched; perennial herb

3. Corolla with 5 purple-brown spots at base adaxially or not ..... P. hederifolia var. fendleri

3' Corolla generally with 0 spots but with darker green veins adaxially ..... [P. viscosa]

2' Leaf hairs 0 or simple; annual, perennial herb, subshrub

4. Perennial herb or subshrub from rhizome

5. Anthers generally with some blue or purple ..... [P. longifolia]

5' Anthers yellow

6. Pedicel > flower, in fruit > calyx ..... P. crassifolia

6' Pedicel < flower, in fruit < calyx ..... P. hederifolia var. palmeri

4' Annual from taproot

7. Plant ± densely hairy ..... P. pubescens

8. Leaf 5–9 cm, ± thick, teeth many ..... var. grisea

8' Leaf 3–5 cm, thin, teeth 0–few ..... var. integrifolia

7' Plant glabrous to sparsely hairy

9. Corolla with 5 dark-purple spots adaxially; anthers twisted after opening ..... P. philadelphica

9' Corolla without spots adaxially; anthers not clearly twisted after opening

10. Corolla pale yellow with dark yellow center, 15–23 mm wide; leaf teeth < 7 mm; anthers 3 mm ..... P. acutifolia

10' Corolla yellow, 7–8 mm wide; leaf teeth 0 or < 3 mm; anthers 1–2 mm ..... P. lancifolia


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