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Annual, perennial herb. Stem: prostrate to erect, often 4-angled. Leaf: opposite, alternate, or whorled, linear to ovate or obovate, petiole 0 to short. Inflorescence: flowers generally 1–2 per axil, sessile or not. Flower: radial to ± bilateral, of 1–3 style forms (heterostylous); hypanthium cylindric or bell-shaped, ribs generally conspicuous; sepals 4–6, deltate, epicalyx lobes < to > sepals; petals 4–6 or 0; stamens 4–6 or 12, included or exserted; styles < to > stamens. Fruit: capsule, generally cylindric, rarely spheric, valves 2. Seed: many, < 1 mm.
± 35 species: temperate. (Greek: clotted blood) [Houghton-Thompson et al. 2005 Ann Bot (London) 96:877–885]
Unabridged etymology: (Greek: clotted blood, from use of Lythrum salicaria, the first named sp., to stop hemorrhaging, according to Gerard, Bull Torrey Bot Club 12: 60. 1885)

Key to Lythrum

1. Hypanthium broadly bell-shaped, 1–2 mm, ribs conspicuous or not; stem extensively creeping or decumbent, rooting at nodes ..... L. portula

1' Hypanthium cylindric, 4–7 mm, ribs conspicuous; stem prostrate or ascending to erect, rooting at base

2. Flowers > 2 per axil, in dense, ± sessile cymes, not on short axillary shoots ..... L. salicaria

2' Flowers 1–2 per axil, on short axillary shoots or not

3. Stem erect, branches many, above; epicalyx lobes < to > sepals, horn-like; perennial herb ..... L. californicum

3' Stem decumbent to ascending or erect, branches at base, generally 0–few above; epicalyx lobes >> to = sepals; annual or short-lived perennial herb

4. Flowers 1 per axil, not on short axillary shoots; hypanthium 4–5 × longer than wide; epicalyx lobes ± 2 × > sepals ..... L. hyssopifolia

4' Flowers 1 per axil on main shoots and on short axillary shoots; hypanthium 8–10 × longer than wide; epicalyx lobes ± = sepals ..... L. tribracteatum


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