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1. Perennial herb; flowers in heads; leaf crenate-dentate ..... N. rothrockii

1' Annual; flowers in clusters or 1–2 in leaf axils; leaf entire

2. Calyx fused to ovary in lower 1/3–1/2; leaf margins wavy, generally ± rolled under ..... N. stenocarpa

2' Calyx free from ovary; leaf margins flat or rolled under, not wavy

3. Corolla 1–3 mm, bowl- or bell-shaped, basal tube ± 0.5 mm; styles 2; seeds <= 4 ..... N. californica

3' Corolla > 2 mm, if bowl- or bell-shaped then basal tube 0 or indistinct; styles 1–2; seeds > 4

4. Style 1, lobed < 1/2 length

5. Corolla limb > 3.5 mm diam, lobes >= 2 mm wide ..... N. aretioides

6. Style 1–2 mm ..... var. californica

6' Style 3–7 mm ..... var. multiflora

5' Corolla limb < 3.5 mm diam, lobes < 2 mm wide ..... N. densa7. Plant gray-canescent, hairs generally spreading, rough; style 0.3–1 mm --> var. densa

7' Plant green, hairs generally sparse-bristly-strigose; style (0.6)1–2.5 mm ..... var. parviflora4' Styles 2

8. Corolla limb < 4 mm diam

9. Calyx lobes glandular ..... N. dichotoma var. dichotoma

9' Calyx lobes nonglandular

10. Leaf sessile; sepals generally pale green; corolla funnel-shaped or salverform; seeds oblong to ovoid, ± cross-ridged ..... N. depressa

10' Leaf petioled; sepals white- or gray-canescent at least in basal 1/3–1/2; corolla cylindric to ± funnel-shaped; seeds irregular, ± net-like ..... N. pusilla

8' Corolla limb 5–14 mm diam

11. Stem ascending to erect; seeds fusiform, yellow to orange ..... N. hispida var. spathulata

11' Stem prostrate; seeds spheric to ovoid, brown to black ..... N. demissa

12. Leaf petioled, elliptic to diamond-shaped; plant generally gray-green ..... var. covillei

12' Leaf sessile, linear to spoon-shaped; plant generally green ..... var. demissa


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