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Robert Patterson & Richard R. Halse

Perennial herb; roots fleshy-fibrous or tuber-like, from rhizomes. Stem: erect, fleshy. Leaf: simple, pinnate-lobed, or compound, basal or cauline, alternate; petiole widened, clasping; leaflets toothed or lobed, hairy, generally paler abaxially. Inflorescence: generally branched, generally head-like cymes; pedicels generally elongate, recurved in fruit or not. Flower: calyx bell-shaped, lobes linear to lanceolate, acute to obtuse, glabrous or hairy, generally ciliate; corolla lobed to middle, > calyx, bell-shaped, lobes hairy; stamens equal, exserted, filaments hairy; ovary chamber 1, style 1, exserted, stigmas 2, base persistent. Fruit: capsule, 3–5 mm, spheric; tip generally bristly, loosely enclosed by calyx. Seed: 1–4, oblong to spheric, brown, net-like.
8 species: North America. (Greek: water leaf) [Constance 1942 Amer Midl Naturalist 27:710–731]

Key to Hydrophyllum

1. Inflorescence near ground, << subtending leaves; anthers << 1 mm ..... H. capitatum var. alpinum

1' Inflorescence well above ground, generally >= subtending leaves; anthers 1–2 mm

2. Leaf wide-ovate to round; leaflets generally 3–5 ..... H. tenuipes

2' Leaf ± oblong; leaflets 7–15

3. Leaflets acute to acuminate, teeth generally 4–8 per side ..... H. fendleri var. albifrons

3' Leaflets obtuse to acute, teeth generally 2–4 per side ..... H. occidentale


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