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1. Plant low perennial herb or subshrub, stems woody at base or not

2. Plant subshrub, stem erect, 1–3 m ..... E. parryi

2' Plant perennial herb, stem prostrate to ascending, 0.16–0.5 m ..... E. lobbii

1' Plant shrub, stems woody

3. Calyx stalked-glandular abaxially; corolla urn-shaped or funnel-shaped

4. Stems, peduncle, pedicel and abaxial leaf veins stalked-glandular; corolla funnel-shaped, 12–15 mm, dense-hairy, not stalked-glandular ..... E. sessilifolium

4' Stems, peduncle, pedicel and abaxial leaf veins not stalked-glandular; corolla urn-shaped, <= 10 mm, sparse- to dense-hairy, stalked-glandular

5. Calyx lobes 2.5–4 mm, dense-long-hairy, stalked glands fewer than hairs; corolla 3–5 mm, tube exceeding calyx by < 2 mm ..... E. tomentosum

5' Calyx lobes 4–5 mm, moderate-hairy, stalked glands as many as hairs; corolla 6–10 mm, tube exceeding calyx by > 2 mm ..... E. traskiae

6. Petiole 10–20 mm; leaf blade elliptic, 1.5–4 cm wide; corolla 7–10 mm ..... subsp. smithii

6' Petiole 2–5 mm; leaf blade narrow-elliptic, 1–1.5 cm wide; corolla 6–7 mm ..... subsp. traskiae

3' Calyx not stalked-glandular; corolla funnel-shaped

7. Leaf linear to lance-linear, 0.2–1.1 cm wide

8. Inflorescence head-like; calyx lobes 6–8 mm, dense-long-hairy ..... E. capitatum

8' Inflorescence open, branched; calyx lobes 2–5 mm, glabrous to sparse-hairy

9. Leaf abaxially with all but midvein obscured by hairs; peduncle, pedicel glabrous, sticky; calyx lobes 3–5 mm, abaxially glabrous, sticky; corolla 11–16 mm, lavender ..... E. altissimum

9' Leaf abaxially with all but midvein not obscured by hairs; peduncle, pedicel sparse-stiff-hairy, not sticky; calyx lobes 2–3 mm, abaxially sparse-stiff-hairy, not sticky; corolla 3–7 mm, white ..... E. angustifolium

7' Leaf lanceolate to oblong or ovate, 1–5 cm wide

10. Leaf adaxially sparse-hairy to dense-tomentose ..... E. crassifolium

11. Leaf adaxially dense-gray- to -white-tomentose; leaf ± ovate, not sticky; corolla 8–16 mm ..... var. crassifolium

11' Leaf adaxially dull ± green, sparse- to moderate-short-hairy; leaf lanceolate, sticky between hairs; corolla 6–10 mm ..... var. nigrescens

10' Leaf adaxially glabrous to sparse-long-wavy-hairy

12. Calyx abaxially glabrous to sparse-hairy, adaxially short-stiff-hairy; corolla 8–12(17) mm, abaxially sparse-hairy; flower buds appearing dark, not gray-hairy ..... E. californicum

12' Calyx dense-long-hairy; corolla 6–8 mm, abaxially dense-long-hairy; flower buds appearing gray-hairy ..... E. trichocalyx

13. Stem sparse- to dense-long-wavy-hairy; leaf adaxially sparse-long-wavy-hairy, abaxially dense-white-tomentose, all but midvein, secondary veins obscured ..... var. lanatum

13' Stem glabrous to sparse-short-hairy; leaf adaxially ± glabrous, sparse-short-hairy mostly on midvein, abaxially sparse-tomentose between yellow-green, glabrous veins in net-like pattern ..... var. trichocalyx


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