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Annual to perennial herb [shrub]. Stem: often 4-angled; hairs generally short, stiff. Leaf: reduced distally on stem; blade entire to pinnately lobed. Inflorescence: spike, often in panicle-like clusters, generally terminal, generally elongated in fruit. Flower: calyx 5-ribbed, 5-toothed, hairs generally strigose or appressed; corolla 4–5-lobed, generally ± radial, sometimes bilateral and 2-lipped; stamens 4; ovary 4-chambered, ovules 4, style 1, lobes 2, 1 tooth-like, 1 with ± spheric stigma. Fruit: nutlets 4, generally oblong.
± 250 species: temperate, tropical America, Mediterranean Europe. (Latin: ancient name) [Munir 2002 J Adelaide Bot Gard 18:21–103; Yeo 1990 Kew Bull 45:101–120; Yuan & Olmstead 2008 Molec Phylogen Evol 48:23–33] Verbena gooddingii, Verbena pulchella often placed in Glandularia (sister to Verbena in strictest sense).

Key to Verbena

1. Corolla 8–14 mm, limb 6–10 mm wide; calyx 5–9.5 mm

2. Leaves 3–5-lobed; calyx hairs spreading ..... V. gooddingii

2' Leaves 1–2-pinnately dissected; calyx hairs appressed ..... V. pulchella

1' Corolla 1.5–6 mm, limb < 5 mm wide; calyx 2–4.5 mm

3. Flower bract 4–8 mm, 2–4 mm > calyx; stem prostrate to decumbent ..... V. bracteata

3' Flower bract 1–4.5 mm, generally <= calyx; stem generally ascending to erect

4. Most cauline leaf blades 1–2-lobed (lobes proximal to mid-blade 8–25 mm deep), toothed

5. Herbage generally sparsely strigose; calyx minutely strigose ..... V. menthifolia

5' Herbage and calyx short-spreading-hairy ..... V. lasiostachys (2)

6. Leaf adaxial face gray-green, generally ± soft-hairy; nutlet scar ± brown, ± rough at 20× ..... var. lasiostachys

6' Leaf adaxial face green, generally stiff-hairy; nutlet scar white-papillate at 20× ..... var. scabrida

4' Most cauline leaf blades generally unlobed (except some Verbena hastata), entire or generally toothed, teeth 2–8 mm

7. Lower and mid-cauline petioles generally 1–2.5 cm, occasionally narrowly winged

8. Petioles, inflorescence axis, calyx short-spreading-(generally soft-) hairy (see 6. for vars.) ..... V. lasiostachys (2)

8' Petioles, inflorescence axis, and calyx strigose or scabrous

9. Fruits generally overlapping (axis with 8–10 fruits per cm); leaves rough-puberulent, sparsely short-bristly or ± scabrous adaxially ..... V. hastata

9' Fruits not overlapping, especially below (axis generally with < 8 fruits per cm); leaves strigose to scabrous adaxially ..... V. scabra

7' Lower and mid-cauline petioles generally 0, blade sessile or ± clasping

10. Fruits not overlapping (especially separated proximal to mid-inflorescence); flower bracts 3.5–4 mm; calyx 4–4.5 mm; spikes 1–5 per cluster ..... V. californica

10' Fruits generally overlapping along inflorescence; flower bracts 3–3.5 mm; calyx 3–3.5 mm; spikes generally (1)3–17 per cluster

11. Leaf base cordate to truncate, generally clasping; spikes ± 5–6 mm diam in fruit ..... V. bonariensis

11' Leaf base ± acute, subsessile; spikes 3–4 mm diam in fruit ..... V. litoralis


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