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Gary D. Wallace & Erich Haber

Perennial herb, evergreen, rhizomed. Leaf: ± basal, reniform, ovate, ± round, elliptic, or obovate, ± entire to round- or sharp-toothed, petioled. Inflorescence: raceme, ± erect, not 1-sided, elongate; peduncle smooth, glabrous; bracts generally 1–several, ovate or lanceolate. Flower: radial, ± closed or bilateral, ± open, parts in 5s, free; petals without tubercles, upper 2 generally forming hood over upturned stamens; stamens 10, filaments generally widened at base, smooth, glabrous, anther pores generally on tubes; nectary 0; ovary superior, style straight, ± included, or downcurved, exserted, stigma peltate, with 5 spreading lobes above a prominent, reflexed collar or not peltate, with 5 ± erect lobes projecting beyond a delicate, reflexed collar. Fruit: capsule, pendent; valves opening base to tip, margins fibrous.
± 15–20 species: generally circumboreal, high mountains of Central America, Sumatra. (Latin: little pear, ± from leaf shape) [Haber 1987 Syst Bot 12:324–335]

Key to Pyrola

1. Style straight, ± included; flower ± radial, ± closed; anthers < 1 mm, pore not on tube; stigma peltate, lobes spreading (subg. Amelia) ..... P. minor

1' Style downcurved, exserted; flower bilateral, ± open; anthers 2–5.5 mm, pore on tube; stigma not peltate, lobes ± erect (subg. Pyrola)

2. Flower bract generally >> pedicel, ovate; sepals ovate to generally lanceolate or lance-oblong; pore tube < ± 1/5 anther ..... P. asarifolia

3. Flower bract < ± 1.5 × pedicel; sepals 2–3.5 mm, ovate to generally lanceolate; leaf ovate, round, or obovate, entire to obscurely round-toothed; anthers 2–3 mm ..... subsp. asarifolia

3' Flower bract generally >> 2 × pedicel; sepals 3–5.8 (generally >> 3.5) mm, lance-oblong; leaf ovate to elliptic, generally sharp-toothed; anthers 2.5–3.5 mm ..... subsp. bracteata

2' Flower bract < pedicel, lanceolate; sepals deltate to ovate; pore tube ± 1/3 anther

4. Leaf generally < 4 cm, ovate-elliptic, obovate, or reduced, bract-like, veins not white-bordered; petals pale green; sepals generally < 1.8 mm, deltate-ovate, ± blunt; n High Sierra Nevada (near Downieville, Sierra Co.) ..... P. chlorantha

4' Leaf ± 0 or generally 4–10 cm, ovate to elliptic, veins white-bordered, or oblanceolate, veins not white-bordered; petals ± green, cream-white, or pink; sepals generally >> 2 mm, ovate, acute; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, Outer South Coast Ranges, Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges, Modoc Plateau ..... P. picta


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