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Steven R. Hill

Annual [perennial herb, shrub], [glabrous or] hairy. Leaf: petioled to subsessile; blade generally unlobed (to palmate-lobed), generally dentate. Inflorescence: flowers 1–several in leaf axils; flowering stalks often jointed; bractlets 0. Flower: petals pale- to orange-yellow [white]; stigmas head-like. Fruit: segments generally 5–15, indehiscent, side walls firm, persistent, beaks generally 2, prominent. Seed: 1 per segment, not enclosed by net-veined envelope.
150 species: tropics, subtropics, especially America. (Greek: used by Theophrastus for other plant, applied to these by Linnaeus) [Fryxell 1988 Syst Bot Monogr 25:373–412] Sida abutifolia Mill. reported as possibly naturalized in California.

Key to Sida

1. Fruit segments 10–14; leaves generally diamond-shaped; flowering stalks 1–3 cm; petioles without tubercle ..... [S. rhombifolia]

1' Fruit segments 5; leaves generally cordate or subcordate; flowering stalks generally < 1 cm; petioles generally with tubercle at base ..... [S. spinosa]


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