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1. Shrub, stem generally 1–4 m; flowers showy, petals 2.5–4.5 cm; calyx > 10 mm; segments 6–8 ..... M. assurgentiflora

1' Annual to perennial herb (subshrub), stem 0.1–3 m; flowers showy or not; petals 0.4–3 cm; calyx < 10 mm; segments 6–15

2. Petals generally > 15 mm, showy, dark-veined; stem erect; bractlets free; calyx 6–8 mm; plant sparsely hairy ..... M. sylvestris

2' Petals generally < 15 mm, showy or not, dark-veined or not; stem prostrate to erect; bractlets free or ± fused; calyx 3–6 mm; plant generally sparsely hairy to glabrous

3. Bractlets linear to thread-like; calyx much larger in fruit, lobes spreading, not enclosing fruit; petals ± = calyx, <= 5 mm, ± pink to generally white; fruit segment outer edges thin-winged, toothed ..... M. parviflora

3' Bractlets widely linear, lanceolate, ovate, to rounded; calyx not much larger in fruit or if so, lobes generally enclosing fruit; petals ± > or >> calyx, > 5 mm, white to generally ± pink or ± purple; fruit segment outer edges not winged

4. Bractlets widely linear to narrowly lanceolate, free from each other and from calyx; fruit segments generally smooth or weakly ridged on back, outer edges ± rounded; petals pale lilac-pink to white, veins not dark ..... M. neglecta

4a. Stem generally prostrate to ascending, 2–4(6) dm; leaf lobes (0)5–7, margin flat; flowers generally 2–6 in leaf axils; petals generally 2 × > calyx; flower stalk in fruit >> calyx; fruit puberulent on back ..... M. neglecta

4a' Stem erect, (5)10–20(30) dm; leaf lobes generally 5, margin wavy; flowers 2–8 in leaf axils; petals generally ± > calyx; flower stalk in fruit < calyx; fruit glabrous on back ..... [M. verticillata var. crispa]

4' Bractlets widely lanceolate to ovate or ± round, bases fused to each other or to calyx; fruit segments generally net-veined or cross-ridged on back, outer edges sharp (rounded); petals rose or pale lilac-pink to white, veins generally dark

5. Bractlets generally fused to calyx, upper 1/2 free, widely lanceolate to ovate; stem generally decumbent or ascending, < 1 m; fruit segments strongly net-veined-pitted on back, outer edges sharp ..... M. nicaeensis

5' Bractlets generally fused to each other, upper 2/3 free, ovate to round; stem erect, generally > 1 m; fruit segments faint-net-veined or cross-ridged on back, outer edges ± sharp (rounded)

6. Involucel > calyx, leaves densely soft-stellate-hairy; petals rose to lavender with 5 dark veins; stem base generally woody ..... M. arborea

6' Involucel < calyx; leaves sparsely stellate hairy; petals pale pink to white generally with 3 dark veins; stem base not woody ..... M. pseudolavatera


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