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Tracey Slotta

Perennial herb [subshrub], stellate-hairy; caudex woody. Stem: generally > 1, 0.6–2 m, branched. Leaf: stipules inconspicuous, persistent or not; blade generally 3–7 lobed, base wedge-shaped, truncate, or cordate. Inflorescence: spike- or raceme-like, flowers 1 in lower leaf axils, 2–5 in upper leaf axils, leaves reduced above; bractlets 3, free, linear to lanceolate, ± persistent. Flower: showy; calyx 5-lobed, divided 1/2, stellate-hairy to ± glabrous; petals 5, pale lavender to rose-purple, pink, or white; filament tube with anthers in upper 1/3–1/2; styles generally 6–15, stigmas generally oblique-squared, often ± elongate. Fruit: generally > calyx; oblong; segments generally 6–15, generally 10–15 mm, 6–10 mm wide, beaked or not, attached to fruit axis by strong fiber, ± dehiscent to base, bristly, sides thin, smooth, glabrous. Seed: generally 2–4 per segment, reniform, glabrous to puberulent.
8 species: North America. (derivation uncertain)
Unabridged etymology: (coined by E.L. Greene, derivation uncertain, perhaps Greek, meaning Trojan; or named after Lake Iliamna in Alaska; or after Illi-nois and Indi-ana, where 1 sp. is endemic)
Unabridged references: [Wiggins 1936 Contr Dudley Herb 1:213–229; Holmgren in Holmgren et al. 2005 Intermountain Flora 2(B):41–42]

Key to Iliamna

1. Upper leaves 3-lobed; stipules persistent; petiole 2–5 cm ..... I. bakeri

1' Upper leaves 5–7-lobed; stipules persistent or not; petiole 2–7(10) cm

2. Bractlets 10–14 mm, ± 10 mm wide, 2/3 or > sepals; leaf hairs denser abaxially ..... I. latibracteata

2' Bractlets generally 4.5–6 mm, ± 2 mm wide, 1/2 sepals; leaf hairs sparse, not denser abaxially ..... I. rivularis


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