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1. Stamens attached alternately at 2 levels

2. Ovary 2 × stalk; perianth tube rounded at base ..... T. grandiflora

2' Ovary <= stalk; perianth tube acute to long-tapered at base (rounded at base in Triteleia hyacinthina, Triteleia lilacina)

3. Stamens unequal

4. Pedicel 7–20 mm; perianth 12–19 mm, bright yellow or pale blue; ovary green ..... T. crocea

4' Pedicel 20–180 mm; perianth 15–28 mm, white, often flushed violet abaxially; ovary bright yellow ..... T. peduncularis

3' Stamens ± equal

5. Perianth 16–27 mm, lavender; anthers ± 1.5 mm, purple; s Channel Islands (San Clemente Island) ..... T. clementina

5' Perianth 18–47 mm, blue, blue-purple, or white; anthers 2–5 mm, white to ± blue; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Western California, Transverse Ranges ..... T. laxa

1' Stamens attached at 1 level

6. Stamens ± equal

7. Perianth 27–45 mm, tube tapered at base, > lobes ..... T. bridgesii

7' Perianth 7–26 mm, tube bowl-shaped to tapered at base, < lobes

8. Perianth tube yellow or white, often tinged or fading blue, or yellow aging purple

9. Perianth 18–26 mm, filaments < 1/2 perianth lobes ..... T. hendersonii

9' Perianth 12–17 mm, filaments > 1/2 perianth lobes ..... T. montana

8' Perianth tube white (occasionally flushed purple abaxially), blue, or lilac

10. Filaments generally triangular; anthers ± white to yellow ..... T. hyacinthina

10' Filaments linear; anthers lilac or lilac-dotted ..... T. lilacina

6' Stamens unequal

11. Tips of longer filaments rounded, without appendages ..... T. lugens

11' Tips of longer filaments not rounded, generally with appendages

12. Filament tip appendages 0 or short, blunt; perianth tube = lobes ..... T. dudleyi

12' Filament tip appendages forked, pointed; perianth tube <= lobes ..... T. ixioides

13. Leaf 1, 10–20 cm ..... subsp. unifolia

13' Leaves 1–2, 10–50 cm

14. Perianth tube ± = lobes, white to pale straw-colored — w-c Outer South Coast Ranges (s Santa Lucia Range) ..... subsp. cookii

14' Perianth tube < lobes, yellow (drying ± blue) or gold-yellow or straw-colored to pale yellow

15. Anthers generally blue or cream; filament tip appendages straight or incurved — Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. anilina

15' Anthers cream or yellow, occasionally blue; filament tip appendages ± straight to recurved

16. Perianth tube 7–10 mm; c&s Central Coast, sw San Francisco Bay Area, Inner South Coast Ranges ..... subsp. ixioides

16' Perianth tube 3–7 mm; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. scabra


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