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Dale W. McNeal & Bryan D. Ness

Rhizome short, thick, spreading to erect. Stem: erect, >=1 per rhizome. Leaf: 3, in 1 whorl subtending flower, sessile or subsessile, ± ovate. Inflorescence: flowers 1 per stem, erect to nodding, stalked or sessile. Flower: bisexual; sepals 3, free, persistent, ± green; petals 3, free, withering, white, ± pink, ± yellow, or purple; stamens 6; ovary chambers 3, styles 3. Fruit: capsule, ± berry-like. Seed: many, ovoid.
± 30–40 species: North America, Asia. (Latin: 3, from leaves) [Farmer 2006 Aliso 22:579–592; Freeman 1975 Brittonia 27:1–62] Trillium rivale moved to Pseudotrillium.

Key to Trillium

1. Flower stalked ..... T. ovatum

2. Petals 5–23 mm (often < 15 mm), 1.8–5.5 mm wide; flower ± nodding; 1200–2000 m; c Klamath Ranges (especially Marble Mtns, Siskiyou Co.) ..... subsp. oettingeri

2' Petals 1.5–7 cm, 5–45 mm wide; flower generally ± erect; 10–1600 m; Northwestern California, Central Western California ..... subsp. ovatum

1' Flower sessile

3. Stamens < 1.25 × pistil; flower odor generally musty or fetid; w Klamath Ranges, Sierra Nevada (except Tehachapi Mountain Area), s Central Coast, Outer South Coast Ranges ..... T. angustipetalum

3' Stamens ± 2 × pistil; flower odor generally sweet rose-like or ± spicy; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, n Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area

4. Ovary, tissue between anther sacs ± green (ovary ± purple); petals white to ± pink, base occasionally ± purple; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, n Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area ..... T. albidum

4' Ovary, tissue between anther sacs purple; petals yellow to pink to dark purple, occasionally white; Klamath Ranges, Inner North Coast Ranges, San Francisco Bay Area ..... T. chloropetalum


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