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Rhizome creeping. Stem: erect, simple [0]. Leaf: alternate, generally ± clasping, lower reduced to sheathing scales. Inflorescence: terminal, raceme to panicle. Flower: perianth parts 4 or 6 in 2 petal-like whorls, white; stamens 4 or 6; ovary superior, chambers 2–3, style 1, stigmas 2–3. Fruit: berry. Seed: 1–3.
3 species: northern temperate. (Greek: May flower, from flowering season) [LaFrankie 2002 FNANM 26:206–210] Historically divided into 2 genera, Maianthemum, Smilacina (1. vs 1' in key); otherwise ± equal morphologically, unique chromosomally.
Unabridged references: [LaFrankie, J. V. 1986. Transfer of the species of Smilacina Desf. to Maianthemum Wiggers (Liliaceae). Taxon 35:584–589; Rudall P. J. et al. 2000. Systematics of the Ruscaceae/Convallariaceae: A combined morphological and molecular investigation. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 134:73–92]

Key to Maianthemum

1. Perianth parts 4; ovary chambers 2 ..... M. dilatatum

1' Perianth parts 6; ovary chambers 3

2. Inflorescence a panicle; perianth 1–2 mm, << stamens ..... M. racemosum

2' Inflorescence a raceme (or few-branched near base); perianth 4–7 mm, > stamens ..... M. stellatum


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