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Elizabeth H. Zacharias

Monoecious annual or perennial herb, generally scaly. Leaf: alternate or proximal-most opposite, distal ± reduced; blade entire to variously dentate; non-Kranz. Inflorescence: mixed and axillary, or staminate and/or pistillate flowers (mostly) terminal in dense or interrupted spikes or panicles. Staminate inflorescence: bract 1 per flower. Pistillate inflorescence: bracts 2 per fruit, enlarged in age, free to variously fused, generally compressed, sessile, entire, falling with fruit. Staminate flower: calyx lobes 4; stamens 4. Pistillate flower: calyx 0; stigmas 2. Seed: erect.
2 species: California; Baja California. (Latin: beyond or outside Atriplex) [Zacharias & Baldwin 2010 Syst Bot 35(4):839–857.] Previously included in Atriplex.

Key to Extriplex

1. Perennial herb; stems spreading to decumbent; leaf blade lanceolate to elliptic; fruit bracts 3–4.5 mm, ± free, ovate to ± round, smooth ..... E. californica

1' Annual; stems ascending to ± erect; leaf blade ovate to deltate; fruit bracts 2–4 mm, free to fused proximally, narrowly elliptic to deltate, ribbed ..... E. joaquinana


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