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Key to Lilium

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1. Flower nodding (between pendent and spreading) to erect; perianth parts recurved but not reflexed (except Lilium maritimum)

2. Perianth ± white, often aging pink, lavender, or purple; flowers nodding to erect

3. Perianth parts 4.2–6.6 cm; flower ascending to erect; Northwestern California, San Francisco Bay Area ..... L. rubescens

3' Perianth parts generally 6.2–11.3 cm; flower nodding to ascending; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada ..... L. washingtonianum

4. Perianth aging deep pink or lavender; perianth generally 6.2–9.5 cm; Klamath Ranges ..... subsp. purpurascens

4' Perianth aging ± white (light pink); perianth 7.9–11.3 cm; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. washingtonianum

2' Perianth yellow to red or pink; flowers nodding to ascending

5. Perianth bright yellow, parts 7.7–10.7 cm; Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges ..... L. parryi

5' Perianth ± red, orange, or pink (pale yellow), parts <= 5 cm; s North Coast, Klamath Ranges, n&c High Sierra Nevada, n Central Coast

6. Leaf 1.8–7 cm, generally glaucous, margins generally wavy; dry places; Klamath Ranges ..... L. bolanderi

6' Leaf 3–18 cm, not obviously glaucous, margins generally not wavy; ± wet or seasonally inundated places; s North Coast, n&c High Sierra Nevada, n Central Coast

7. Perianth red or red-orange abaxially, adaxially (except base green), tips reflexed or rolled; flower nodding (spreading); fruit 2.4–4.1 cm; s North Coast, n Central Coast ..... L. maritimum

7' Perianth light orange to red (± pink) on distal 40%, lighter near base, sometimes uniformly light orange (yellow), abaxially paler, tips ± recurved; flower nodding to ascending; fruit 1.5–2.7 cm; n&c High Sierra Nevada ..... L. parvum

1' Flower pendent (sometimes some nodding); perianth parts reflexed

8. Perianth pink to white, generally aging pink, midribs yellow — Klamath Ranges, n Outer North Coast Ranges ..... L. kelloggii

8' Perianth yellow to red

9. Plant of ± dry places; perianth yellow or orange; bulb erect to ascending

10. Pistil 2.4–3.7 cm; perianth parts 3.4–7.1 cm; anthers 5–13 mm; nw Northwestern California ..... L. columbianum

10' Pistil 4.5–7.1 cm; perianth parts generally 5.6–9.5 cm; anthers 11–19 mm; s High Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada, s Central Western California, Southwestern California ..... L. humboldtii

11. Perianth orange, red spots unmargined; s High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. humboldtii

11' Perianth yellow or light orange, red spots near tip margined with lighter red; s Central Western California, Southwestern California ..... subsp. ocellatum

9' Plant of ± moist places; perianth yellow to ± red; bulb spreading

12. Perianth ± uniformly yellow, orange, or yellow-orange (green at base)

13. Flower ± fragrant; anthers 3–6 mm, magenta or dull red; pistil 2.5–3.5 cm; fruit 1.5–3 cm; not clonal; c&s High Sierra Nevada ..... L. kelleyanum

13' Flower not fragrant; anthers 5–13 mm, pale yellow; pistil 3–4.3 cm; fruit 2.3–4.2 cm; ± clonal; e Klamath Ranges ..... L. pardalinum subsp. wigginsii

12' Perianth ± 2-toned, with green, yellow, or orange centers, darker orange or red tips

14. Perianth red to maroon (orange), center green to yellow, abaxially green on basal 40–50%, parts 4.3–8.1 cm; filaments ± parallel; rhizome unbranched; n North Coast ..... L. occidentale

14' Perianth yellow to orange, tips redder, abaxially green only on basal ± 20%, parts 3.4–10.4 cm; filaments not parallel; rhizome often branched; California Floristic Province ..... L. pardalinum (most)

15. Perianth parts 5.9–10.4 cm; generally in large clones; anthers 11–22 mm, leaves generally ± elliptic; California Floristic Province ..... subsp. pardalinum

15' Perianth parts 3.4–8.3 cm; generally in small clones; anthers 5–18 mm, leaves generally ± elliptic to ± linear; Klamath Ranges, s Outer North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada

16. Leaf ± linear, length 7–34 × width; w Klamath Ranges ..... subsp. vollmeri

16' Leaf ± elliptic, length 3–17 × width; e Klamath Ranges and elsewhere

17. Pollen red- or brown-orange; anthers magenta; s Outer North Coast Ranges ..... subsp. pitkinense

17' Pollen generally yellow to bright orange (red-orange); anthers orange to magenta; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. shastense


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