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Judith A. Jernstedt

Perennial herb; bulb ovoid to ± elongate, outer coat white to brown, often fibrous; generally not heterostylous. Leaf: basal, linear. Inflorescence: panicle, peduncled; flowers, buds 1–several per node; bracts scarious. Flower: perianth parts 6 in 2 petal-like whorls, free, white, purple, or ± pink, twisted together above ovary in fruit; stamens 6, attached to base of perianth, anthers attached at middle; ovary superior, chambers 3, style thread-like, deciduous, stigma ± 3-lobed. Fruit: stalked, loculicidal. Seed: 1–2 per chamber, ovoid, black.
5 species: western North America, especially California. (Greek: green milk or juice) [Jernstedt 2006 FNANM 26:307–310]
Unabridged references: [Hoover 1940 Madroño 5:137–147]

Key to Chlorogalum

1. Flowers open during day

2. Perianth white or ± pink; flowers, buds 2–several per node ..... C. parviflorum

2' Perianth deep blue to purple; flowers, buds 1 per node ..... C. purpureum

3. Inflorescence 25–40 cm ..... var. purpureum

3' Inflorescence 10–20 cm ..... var. reductum

1' Flowers open in evening

4. Leaf 2–5 mm wide, margin ± flat ..... C. angustifolium

4' Leaf 4–25 mm wide, margin generally wavy

5. Pedicels 2–5 mm, << perianth ..... C. grandiflorum

5' Pedicels 5–35 mm, ± >= perianth ..... C. pomeridianum

6. Bulb coat membranous or with few coarse fibers ..... var. minus

6' Bulb coat not membranous, with many coarse fibers

7. Inflorescence < 40 cm, ± prostrate or branches spreading from base ..... var. divaricatum

7' Inflorescence 50–250 cm, erect ..... var. pomeridianum


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