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Michael Silveira, Michael G. Simpson & James D. Jokerst

Annual, hairy or not, gland-dotted, aromatic. Stem: decumbent to erect, branched or not, 2.5–45 cm. Leaf: linear to round, entire to toothed, bristly-ciliate or not; short-petioled. Inflorescence: clusters of opposite cymes, head-like, spike-like, or interrupted, terminal and axillary, or flowers 1 in axils; bracts 2 or more per node, bristly-ciliate or not. Flower: ± sessile, calyx 2-lipped, lobes 5, deep, ciliate or not, tip extensions 0 to long, outer surface glabrous to coarsely hairy; corolla 2-lipped, lavender to purple or white, raised area on lower lip occasionally spotted; stamens 2–4, upper 2 sterile and vestigial or 0 in some taxa; style hairy below stigma lobes. Fruit: hairy.
8 species: California, Oregon, Baja California. (Greek: bearded style) [Howell 1931 Proc Calif Acad Sci 20:105–128]
Unabridged note: Pogogyne tenuiflora Gray known only from the type collection made in 1875 (GH 1496): Guadalupe Island, Baja California.

Key to Pogogyne

1. Corolla inconspicuous, 2.5–8 mm, ± included in bracts, calyces; fertile stamens 2, lower pair only, < 2 mm, upper pair of stamens sterile and vestigial or 0

2. Inflorescence elongate, spike-like, generally ± from plant base ..... P. floribunda

2' Inflorescence generally short, head-like, ± from plant top

3. Plant inconspicuous; stem slender, ± 0.5 mm diam, generally prostrate to decumbent; fruit 1–1.3 mm; grassy areas ..... P. serpylloides

3' Plant conspicuous; stem stout, ± 1 mm diam, generally ascending to erect; fruit 1.5–2.5 mm; vernal pools, swales, drainages ..... P. zizyphoroides

1' Corolla conspicuous, 9–20 mm, exserted from bracts, calyces; fertile stamens 4, upper and lower pairs, lower pair > 3.5 mm

4. Inflorescence 1–3 cm wide; lower calyx lobes > 1.5 × upper; vernal pools, swales, n of Point Conception (Santa Barbara Co.) ..... P. douglasii

4' Inflorescence <= 2 cm wide; lower calyx lobes < 1.5 × upper; coastal mesas, terraces (San Diego Co.), creek beds (Monterey Co.)

5. Inflorescence generally < 10 mm wide; calyx lobe tip extension 0 or short; bract tips generally obtuse to rounded; creek beds, swales (Monterey Co.) ..... P. clareana

5' Inflorescence 8–20 mm wide; calyx lobe tip extension elongate, pointed; bract tips narrowly acute to acuminate; vernal pools (San Diego Co.)

6. Calyx outer surface with dense, generally curved hairs; inflorescence 8–10 mm wide ..... P. abramsii

6' Calyx outer surface glabrous or hairs sparse, generally straight; inflorescence 10–20 mm wide — Otay Mesa ..... P. nudiuscula


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