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Deborah Engle Averett

[Perennial herb] shrub [tree], < 2 m, aromatic. Leaf: petioled, generally reduced to sessile bracts distally; blade generally 4–12 cm, lanceolate to ovate, rounded to cordate at base, crenate or serrate to entire. Inflorescence: raceme, open; bracts 1 per flower, leaf-like, lanceolate; pedicels persistent after fruit-fall. Flower: calyx 5-lobed, ± 2-lipped, scarlet-purple in age, enlarging in fruit, generally falling with fruit; corolla 5-lobed, 2-lipped, white to lavender tinged, lower lip longer, upper lip 4-lobed; stamens 4, in 2 pairs, included in throat, anther sacs spreading; style 2-lobed, included in throat. Fruit: 2–4 mm, round to oblong, black to dark brown, glabrous or minutely hairy.
± 55 species: California, Hawaii, Mexico, South America. (I.I. Lepechin, Russian botanist, 1737–1802) [Boyd & Mistretta 2006 Madroño 53:77–84]

Key to Lepechinia

1. Bracts >> to ± = subtended flower, gradually reduced distally on stem, ± overlapping at inflorescence tip; inflorescence axis abruptly bent 60–90° relative to stem ..... L. rossii

1' Bracts < to << subtended flower, much reduced distally on stem, not overlapping at inflorescence tip; inflorescence axis straight to curved or bent < 60° relative to stem

2. Pedicel 0–1 cm; calyx spheric in fruit; fruit minutely hairy ..... L. calycina

2' Pedicel generally 1–4 cm; calyx bell-shaped in fruit; fruit glabrous

3. Calyx lobes clearly < tube ..... L. cardiophylla

3' Calyx lobes generally ± >= tube

4. Calyx hairs dense, generally 0.5–2 mm, lobes generally > (<) tube ..... L. fragrans

4' Calyx hairs sparse, << 0.5 mm, lobes generally ± = tube ..... L. ganderi


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