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John M. Miller & Dieter H. Wilken

[Annual] perennial herb [subshrub], aromatic; hairs short, spreading to recurved. Stem: decumbent to erect, branched at base. Leaf: short-petioled to sessile; blade round to linear, entire or toothed. Inflorescence: head-like in distal leaf axils; bracts minute. Flower: calyx 2-lipped, upper lip 3-lobed, lower 2-lobed, lobes acuminate, sharp-pointed, tube swollen or pouched proximally; corolla 2-lipped, upper lip > lower, entire to 2-lobed, lower lip 3-lobed; stamens 2, under upper lip or exserted, staminodes minute or 0; style unequally 2-lobed. Fruit: nutlets pitted, glaucous, gelatinous when wet.
38 species: North America, South America. (Greek: ancient name for strongly aromatic mint) [Wagstaff et al. 1998 Plant Syst Evol 209:265–274]
Unabridged references: [Irving 1980 Sida 8:218–295]

Key to Hedeoma

1. Leaf blades linear to ± oblong; in fruit calyx lobes converging, throat ± closed; stems proximally glabrous in age ..... H. drummondii

1' Leaf blades ovate to ± round; in fruit calyx lobes spreading to ± reflexed, throat ± open; stems puberulent throughout ..... H. nana subsp. californica


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