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Martin F. Wojciechowski & Elizabeth McClintock

Perennial herb to tree, unarmed or main leaf axis a weak spine at tip or branches a weak thorn at tip. Leaf: even-1-pinnate, alternate; stipules small or not, ephemeral or not; leaflets 4–20(36). Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, raceme or panicle. Flower: generally ± bilateral, generally showy; sepals ± free; petals free, generally yellow; stamens free, 7 fertile, 3 sterile, or 10 fertile, anthers generally > filaments, opening by terminal pores. Fruit: dehiscent or not. Seed: few to many.
± 300 species: tropics, especially America, Africa, Australia, also warm temperate, deserts. (Arabic: Sana) [Randell & Barlow 1998 Fl Australia 12:89–138] Some cultivated as orns; dried leaves of some cathartic, laxative.
Unabridged references: [Irwin & Barneby 1982 Mem New York Bot Gard 35:1–918; Randell & Barlow 1998 Fl Australia 12:89–138]

Key to Senna

1. Perennial herb to subshrub; leaflets generally 4–18

2. Leaflets 4–8; gland(s) on main leaf axis between leaflet pairs; plant densely hairy ..... S. covesii

2' Leaflets 12–18; gland(s) near base of petiole; plant glabrous ..... [S. marilandica]

1' Shrub to small tree; leaflets generally 4–20

3. Shrubs of dry places; leaflets linear or generally ovate, generally flat, persistent or < 1 cm, ephemeral

4. Stem, leaf ± glabrous; leaflets 4–8, 4–6 mm ..... S. armata

4' Stem, leaf sparsely to densely hairy; leaflets 6–16, 10–25 mm ..... S. artemisioides

3' Shrubs to small trees generally not of dry places; leaflets oblong to elliptic, not ephemeral

5. Stipules 6–17 mm, ovate-cordate, generally persistent; uppermost, unopened flowers covered by bracts; fruit flat, dehiscent ..... S. didymobotrya

5' Stipules 3.5–7 mm, lanceolate, ephemeral; uppermost, unopened flowers not covered by bracts; fruit not flat, indehiscent ..... S. multiglandulosa


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