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Matt Lavin, Duane Isely & Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, tree, armed, generally spreading from underground parts. Leaf: odd-1-pinnate, alternate, deciduous; stipular spines generally not gland-dotted. Inflorescence: raceme, axillary. Flower: calyx bell-shaped, lobes 5; petals 5, white or pink, banner reflexed; 9 filaments fused, 1 free. Fruit: flat [or plump], not narrowed between seeds, dehiscent.
4 species: temperate United States to subtropical southwestern United States, Mexico. (J. Robin (1550–1629), V. Robin (1579–1662), French botanists who introduced genus to Eur) [Lavin et al. 2003 Syst Bot 28:387–409] Robinia hispida L. spreading from planted plants in Sacramento River Delta, potentially naturalized.
Unabridged references: [Lavin & Sousa 1995 Syst Bot Monogr 45:117–124]

Key to Robinia

1. Corolla pink; inflorescence ascending to drooping, glandular-hairy; fruit glandular-hairy, upper margin not winged; e Desert Mountains ..... R. neomexicana

1' Corolla white; inflorescence pendent, finely, nonglandular-hairy; fruit glabrous, upper margin narrowly winged; California Floristic Province, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... R. pseudoacacia


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