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Key to Psorothamnus

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1. Leaf simple, linear or oblanceolate (or leaflets 2–3)

2. Leaves persistent; inflorescence axis not ending as thorn ..... P. schottii

2' Leaves deciduous by early summer; inflorescence axis ending as thorn ..... P. spinosus

1' Leaves odd-1-pinnate or some simple

3. Fruit 2–4.5 mm, included; inflorescence dense; pedicel bractlets 0

4. Terminal leaflets > lateral or not; glands of twigs << 0.5 mm wide ..... P. emoryi

4' Terminal leaflets ± = lateral; glands of twigs ± 0.5 mm wide ..... P. polydenius

3' Fruit 7–10 mm, exserted; inflorescence ± open; pedicel bractlets 2

5. Fruit glands many, small, in longitudinal lines especially distally; leaves generally silvery-strigose; Mojave Desert, e Sonoran Desert, ..... P. fremontii

6. Leaflet linear, < ± 1 mm wide; e Sonoran Desert ..... var. attenuatus

6' Leaflet narrowly elliptic to ovate or obovate, ± 1.5–3 mm wide; Mojave Desert ..... var. fremontii

5' Fruit glands few to several, large, scattered; leaves variously hairy, generally not strigose; East of Sierra Nevada to San Bernardino Mountains, Desert ..... P. arborescens

7. Leaflets generally continuous with axis, silky-hairy ..... var. simplicifolius

7' Leaflets generally (or at least some) jointed to axis, glabrous to hairy, including silky-hairy or not

8. Calyx 7–9 mm, sparsely to densely hairy ..... var. arborescens

8' Calyx 5–7 mm, hairs 0 or sparse ..... var. minutifolius


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