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Martin F. Wojciechowski & Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, tree. stipule spines generally 2 per node; roots long, spreading. Leaf: even-2-pinnate, alternate, deciduous; 1° leaflets generally 2–4, opposite; 2° leaflets generally many, opposite. Inflorescence: axillary, head or spike-like raceme, many-flowered. Flower: radial, small, green-white or yellow; calyx shallowly bell-shaped, lobes short; petals generally inconspicuous; stamens 10, exserted, free; style exserted, generally appearing before stamens. Fruit: indehiscent, ± flat, ± narrowed between seeds or tightly coiled, pulpy when young, then woody. Seed: several.
± 44 species: especially America (also southwestern Asia, northern Africa). (Greek: burdock, for obscure reasons) Cult, naturalized worldwide.
Unabridged references: [Burkhart 1976 J Arnold Arbor 57:220–524; Holland 1987 Madroño 34: 324–333]

Key to Prosopis

1. Fruit tightly coiled; petals fused

2. Inflorescence spike-like raceme, 4–8 cm; leaf hairy ..... P. pubescens

2' Inflorescence head to spike-like raceme, < 4 cm; leaf glabrous or short-hairy ..... [P. strombulifera]

1' Fruit not coiled; petals free

3. Plant ± glabrous; 2° leaflets (10)15–25 mm, length 7–9 × width ..... P. glandulosa var. torreyana

3' Plant with short, dense hairs; 2° leaflets 4–15 mm, length 3–4 × width ..... P. velutina


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