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Martin F. Wojciechowski & James Grimes

Perennial herb, unarmed, gland-dotted, hairs glandular, nonglandular, or both; roots deep, woody, enlarged near ground surface. Stem: main axis erect, nearly 0 to short; branches short, decumbent to ascending, underground or not. Leaf: ± palmately compound, ± basal or clustered near stem tips; stipules at base of plant fused, those above free; leaflets 5–7, elliptic to oblanceolate or widely obovate. Inflorescence: raceme, basal, axillary, or terminal on branches, with 1 sometimes late-deciduous bract and 2–3 flowers per node. Flower: calyx base swollen on top, tube enlarging in fruit; corolla at least partly blue to purple; 9 filaments fused, 1 less so or free; ovary ± hairy, ovule 1, style tip curved to bent, stigma head-like. Fruit: included in calyx except for beak, transversely dehiscent, hairy, rarely glandular. Seed: 1, elliptic, smooth or ridged.
21 species: southern Canada to central Mexico. (Greek: plain apple) Pediomelum mephiticum (S. Watson) Rydb. incorrectly reported for southern California.
Unabridged references: [Grimes 1990 Mem New York Bot Gard 61:1–114]

Key to Pediomelum

1. Leaves on plant all palmately compound, leaflets 15–28 mm; pedicel 4–6 mm; seed smooth ..... P. californicum

1' Leaves on plant both palmately and subpalmately compound (1 leaflet extended beyond others), leaflets 25–42 mm; pedicel 0–1.5 mm; seed ridged ..... P. castoreum


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