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Perennial herb, unarmed, hairy. Leaf: odd-1-pinnate, generally basal; stipules generally partly fused to petiole, initially forming a sheath, or free. Inflorescence: raceme, generally scapose, spike- or head-like or not, or 1–2-flowered; bracts generally persistent. Flower: calyx lobes < tube; corolla pink-purple, white, or ± yellow, keel tip beaked; 9 filaments fused, 1 free; style, stigma glabrous. Fruit: erect to reflexed, generally persistent, oblong to lanceolate, ± inflated, ± 2-chambered, septum from upper suture, partial to complete.
± 350 species: Eurasia, North America. (Greek: sharp keel) Seriously TOXIC: causes "staggers" in livestock, mostly outside California. [Welsh 2001 Revision N Amer Oxytropis. E.P.S.]
Unabridged references: [Barneby 1952 Proc Calif Acad Sci Series IV 27:177–309; Welsh 2001 Revision of North American species of Oxytropis de Candolle (Leguminosae), E.P.S., Orem, UT]

Key to Oxytropis

1. Flower quickly reflexed, fruit reflexed; leaves basal and generally 1–3 cauline; inflorescence open, spike-like ..... O. deflexa var. sericea

1' Flower and fruit ascending to erect; leaves basal; inflorescence dense, spike- or head-like

2. Leaflets 7–17; plant silvery or gray, silky or tomentose, not glandular; corolla 7–12 mm

3. Flowers 2–12 per inflorescence; fruit ovate-inflated, 7–9 mm wide, thinly papery ..... O. oreophila var. oreophila

3' Flowers 1–3 per inflorescence; fruit lanceolate to narrowly ovate, 5–6 mm wide, leathery ..... O. parryi

2' Leaflets 21–39; plant green, puberulent, generally ± sticky-glandular; corolla 10–20 mm ..... O. borealis

4. Corolla white to cream; inflorescence generally head-like, included to ± exserted; plant sticky-glandular ..... var. australis

4' Corolla ± white with purple keel-tip, lilac, or red-purple, drying blue; inflorescence spike-like, exserted; plant ± sticky-glandular ..... var. viscida


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