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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.



John M. Miller, except as noted

Annual to perennial herb; generally fleshy. Stem: 1–many, generally glabrous. Leaf: simple, alternate or opposite. Inflorescence: axillary or terminal; cyme, raceme, panicle, umbel, or flower 1. Flower: bisexual, radial; sepals generally 2(9), free; petals (1)2–19, free or ± fused; stamens 1–many, epipetalous or not, anthers pink, rose, or yellow; ovary superior, chamber 1, ovules 1–many, placenta basal or free-central; styles (0)1–8, generally fused at base, branched. Fruit: capsule, circumscissile or 2–3-valved. Seed: 1–many, shiny or ± pebbly or sculptured, black or gray, generally with oil-filled appendage as food for ants.
± 22 genera, ± 230 species: generally temperate America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Kerguelen Is, New Zealand, southern Africa, poorly represented in Europe; some cultivated (Lewisia, Calandrinia). [Ogburn & Edwards 2009 Amer J Bot 96:391–408] All California genera previously included in Portulacaceae; details of flowers, seeds require 20× magnification. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Applequist et al. 2006 Syst Bot 31:310–319; Nyffeler et al. 2008 Haseltonia 14: 26–36]
Unabridged note: May include Hectorellaceae.

Key to Montiaceae

1. Fruit circumscissile, dehiscing near middle or below ..... LEWISIA

1' Fruit 2–3-valved, dehiscing longitudinally from top

2. Stigmas 2–3; fruit 2–3-valved, cap-like

3. Petals 2–4; stamens 1–3, anthers pink, rose, or yellow ..... CALYPTRIDIUM

3' Petals 5; stamens 5–10, anthers yellow ..... CISTANTHE

2' Stigmas 3; fruit 3-valved, not cap-like

4. Cauline leaves alternate

5. Inflorescence not 1-sided; petals red; ovules many; seeds 6–many ..... CALANDRINIA

5' Inflorescence generally 1-sided; petals white to pink; ovules 3; seeds 1–3 ..... MONTIA (2)

4' Cauline leaves ± opposite

6. Cauline leaves generally 2, free, ± fused on 1 side, or fused into ± disk; ovules, seeds 3–6 ..... CLAYTONIA

6' Cauline leaves > 2, free; ovules 3, seeds 1–3 ..... MONTIA (2)


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