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Dale W. McNeal, except as noted

Perennial herb, from rhizome or bulb, or rhizomes ending in weakly developed bulbs, scapose or not. Leaf: alternate, whorled, or mostly basal and spirally arranged, deciduous after 1 year or not. Inflorescence: raceme, panicle, or flowers 1. Flower: perianth parts 6, in 2 petal-like whorls or of sepals and petals, free or fused below, ± spreading; stamens 6, from perianth, anthers attached at base or near middle; ovary superior or partly inferior, chambers 3, styles 3, persistent. Fruit: capsule, loculicidal or septicidal.
10 genera, 130 species: northern hemisphere. W North America Zigadenus moved to Toxicoscordion. —Scientific Editors: Dale W. McNeal, Thomas J. Rosatti.

Key to Melanthiaceae

1. Leaves linear

2. Leaves persistent after 1 year, wiry, tough; cauline leaves many, reduced upward ..... XEROPHYLLUM

2' Leaves deciduous after 1 year, not wiry, not tough; cauline leaves 0 or 1–2, much reduced

3. Perianth parts pale green-yellow to ± purple, without glands; ovary partly inferior (at base) ..... STENANTHIUM

3' Perianth parts white to ± yellow, with 1–2 distinct glands near base; ovary superior ..... TOXICOSCORDION

1' Leaves lanceolate to widely ovate

4. Leaves > 3, alternate; plant 1–2 m ..... VERATRUM

4' Leaves 3, in 1 whorl subtending flower; plant < 0.7 m

5. Leaves petioled (subsessile), leathery; petals white (pink), generally purple-spotted ..... PSEUDOTRILLIUM

5' Leaves sessile or subsessile, not leathery; petals white, ± pink, ± yellow, or purple, not spotted ..... TRILLIUM


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