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Robert E. Preston & Staria S. Vanderpool

Annual, perennial herb, shrub, often ill-smelling. Leaf: generally 1-palmate, generally alternate, generally petioled; stipules generally minute, often bristle-like or hairy; leaflets 0 or 3–7. Inflorescence: raceme, head, or flowers 1, expanded in fruit; bracts generally 3-parted below, simple above, or 0. Flower: generally bisexual, radial to ± bilateral; sepals generally 4, free or fused, generally persistent; petals generally 4, free, ± clawed; stamens generally 6, free, exserted, anthers generally coiling at dehiscence; ovary superior, generally on stalk-like receptacle, chamber generally 1, placentas generally 2, parietal, style 1, persistent, stigma generally minute, ± head-like. Fruit: 2 nutlets or generally capsule, septicidal; valves generally 2, deciduous, leaving septum (frame-like placentas) behind; pedicel generally ± reflexed to spreading.
17 genera, ± 150 species: widespread tropics to arid temperate. [Iltis & Cochrane 2007 Novon 17:447–451] Treated as Capparaceae in TJM (1993). —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Ernst 1963 J Arnold Arbor 44:81–93]

Key to Cleomaceae

1. Shrub; fruit a capsule, inflated; petals 4–5 mm wide ..... Peritoma arborea

1' Annual, short-lived perennial herb; fruit a capsule, not or ± inflated, or 2 nutlets; petals < 4 mm wide

2. Flowers in axillary heads; style in fruit stout, spine-like; fruit 2 nutlets ..... OXYSTYLIS

2' Flowers in ± terminal racemes or 1 in leaf axils; style in fruit stout or not but not spine-like; fruit 2 nutlets or a capsule

3. Stamens 8–32; ovary ± sessile; fruit a capsule, valves persistent ..... POLANISIA

3' Stamens 6; ovary on stalk-like receptacle; fruit 2 nutlets or a capsule, valves deciduous

4. Fruit 2 nutlets, each 1(3)-seeded; septum 1 mm wide ..... WISLIZENIA

4' Fruit a capsule, 2–many-seeded; septum 1–25 mm wide

5. Fruit 2–6 mm, often wider than long; septum elliptic to round ..... CLEOMELLA

5' Fruit generally 12–55 mm, longer than wide; septum linear to oblong

6. Inflorescence open, few-flowered; receptacle in fruit 2–5 mm; anthers 3–6 mm ..... CARSONIA

6' Inflorescence dense, many-flowered; receptacle in fruit 5–18 mm; anthers 1.8–2.6 mm ..... PERITOMA


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