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Alan R. Smith, except as noted

Perennial herb in soil or rock crevices; rhizome generally short-creeping, ascending, or erect, scales small to large, generally tan to brown, generally uniformly colored. Leaf: generally tufted or short-spaced, 5–200+ cm, generally ± alike; stipe firm or fleshy (easily crushed), base darker or not, with 2 vascular strands; blade generally 1–3-pinnate, ± glabrous or with hairs, hair-like scales, or gland-tipped hairs on axes, veins generally free (or netted); rachis, costa generally grooved adaxially. Sporangia: sori round, oblong, J-shaped, or linear along veins; indusia 0 or oblong, J-shaped, reniform, or linear, or of many segmented hair- or scale-like fragments or lobes encircling sorus from below; spores elliptic, winged, ridged, or spiny, scar linear.
± 15 genera, 700 species: worldwide, especially tropics, wooded areas, but some genera (e.g., Cystopteris, Woodsia) generally temperate. See note, reference (Smith et al. 2006 Taxon 55:705–731) under Dryopteridaceae for removal of genera from that family to this. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.

Key to Woodsiaceae

1. Leaves generally 30–150+ cm; stipe generally > 1.5 mm diam, if < then indusia 0; blade generally 25–130 cm, (5)10–60 cm wide; indusia 0, oblong, J-shaped, or reniform ..... ATHYRIUM

1' Leaves generally < 30 cm; stipe generally < 1.5 mm diam; blade generally 10–25 cm, 1–10 cm wide; indusia hood- or cup-like and of many segmented hair- or scale-like fragments or lobes

2. Indusium hood-like; pinnae sides unequal, acroscopic pinnules more spreading, larger, more incised; leaf blade axes abaxially glabrous ..... CYSTOPTERIS

2' Indusium cup-like, of many segmented hair- or scale-like fragments or lobes encircling sorus from below, often obscure in age; pinnae sides ± equal; leaf, blade axes abaxially with (without) short-stalked glands or gland-tipped hairs 0.1–1 mm ..... WOODSIA


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