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1. Fertile stamens 4; inner bracts entire or slightly notched ..... C. maritimum

2. Inner bracts generally entire; seeds 25–40, 1–1.5 mm; inland ..... subsp. canescens

2' Inner bracts slightly notched; seeds 10–20, 2–3 mm; generally coastal

3. Stem generally much-branched, distal branches generally > central spike; seeds ± 2 mm; s Central Coast, South Coast ..... subsp. maritimum

3' Stem 0–few-branched, branches <= central spike; seeds 2–3 mm; North Coast, n Central Coast ..... subsp. palustre

1' Fertile stamens 2, staminodes 2; inner bracts 3–7-lobed

4. Leaf 1–2 mm wide; inner bracts 3-lobed; style puberulent ..... C. tecopense

4' Leaf 3–8 mm wide; inner bracts 3–7-lobed; style glabrous

5. Plant soft-hairy to becoming glabrous, longest hairs < 1 mm; seed coat deeply netted, wavy-crested ..... C. palmatum

5' Plant, especially inflorescence, glandular-puberulent and stiff-long-nonglandular-hairy, longest hairs > 1 mm; seed coat deeply netted, not wavy-crested ..... C. molle

6. Stem much-branched from near base; inflorescence generally 2–6 cm; corolla pouch and tube sparsely tomentose; seed 1–1.5 mm; Great Central Valley ..... subsp. hispidum

6' Stem generally few-branched from middle; inflorescence 5–15 cm; corolla pouch and tube densely tomentose; seed 2–3 mm; n Central Coast, deltaic Great Central Valley ..... subsp. molle


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