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Martin F. Wojciechowski & Duane Isely

Annual, perennial herb, unarmed, generally hairy. Stem: prostrate to erect. Leaf: subpalmately compound or generally odd-1-pinnate; stipules ± fused to petiole, entire or deeply cut; leaflets 3, generally dentate near tip. Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, raceme, generally umbel- or ± head-like, 1–many-flowered. Flower: calyx lobes ± equal or not; corolla yellow or purple; 9 filaments fused, 1 free. Fruit: indehiscent, reniform or generally spirally coiled 1.5–8 turns (or sickle-shaped or straight), generally prickly. Seed: 1–several.
83 species: Mediterranean to western and central Asia; several cultivated, naturalized in warm temperate. (Greek: Medice, now Media, Asia Minor, source of alfalfa) Medicago muricata possibly naturalized in Carrizo Plain.
Unabridged references: [Small & Jomphe 1989 Canad J Bot 67:3260–3294]

Key to Medicago

1. Fruit 1-seeded, reniform, not prickly, black; flower 2–3 mm ..... M. lupulina

1' Fruit 1- to several-seeded, spirally coiled (or straight to sickle-shaped), prickly or not, tan or gray to black; flower 2–11 mm

2. Perennial herb, generally erect; corolla 6–11 mm, violet or violet- to yellow-green (yellow); fruit not prickly ..... M. sativa

2' Annual, generally prostrate, decumbent, or low; corolla generally 2–7 mm, yellow to orange-yellow; fruit prickly or not

3. Fruit not prickly, ± 1–1.5 cm wide ..... [M. scutellata]

3a. Stipules generally divided ± to base into a cluster of bristles ..... [M. orbicularis]

3a' Stipules dentate ..... [M. scutellata]

3' Fruit generally prickly, < 1 cm wide

4. Stipules generally entire to ± dentate; plant hairs generally dense

5. Leaves densely hairy; fruit sparsely hairy ..... M. minima

5' Leaves, fruit hairy, often glandular-hairy (or fruit glabrous) ..... M. rigidula

4' Stipules deeply toothed or cut; plant hairs generally ± 0 to sparse (strigose in M. praecox)

6. Leaflet generally with dark central spot, obovate to obcordate, length ± = or 1–2 × width; leaf pinnate or subpalmate; stipules generally cut 1/4–1/2 width

7. Leaflet generally obcordate, length ± = width; leaf pinnate or ± palmate; fruit a loose spiral, glabrous ..... M. arabica

7' Leaflet obovate (obcordate), length 1–2 × width; leaf pinnate; fruit generally a tight spiral, sparsely (densely) hairy ..... M. truncatula

6' Leaflet without dark central spot, generally wedge-shaped or obovate to obcordate, length 1–2 × width; leaf pinnate; stipules generally cut ± >= 1/2 width

8. Leaflet generally 10–20 mm, generally glabrous; corolla 3.5–6 mm; California Floristic Province; common ..... M. polymorpha

8' Leaflet 3–10 mm, generally strigose; corolla 2.5–4 mm; Inner North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast; uncommon ..... M. praecox


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