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Michelle M. McMahon & Duane Isely

Perennial herb [or not], unarmed, hairy, gland-dotted or not. Leaf: odd-1-pinnate; stipules obscure; leaflets opposite. Inflorescence: open raceme or dense spike, terminal. Flower: calyx lobes < tube; corolla generally 2-colored (blue-violet, white), petals (except banner) from side of filament column; stamens 9–10, filaments fused; ovule 1. Fruit: indehiscent, included or ± exserted. Seed: 1.
38 species: southwestern United States to Central America, especially Mexico. (Marina, interpreter for Mexican conqueror Cortez, 16th century)
Unabridged references: [Barneby 1977 Mem New York Bot Gard 27:55–133; 608–649]

Key to Marina

1. Stem decumbent, not gland-dotted; inflorescence dense, flowers reflexed or spreading; e Peninsular Ranges (Santa Rosa Mtns) ..... M. orcuttii var. orcuttii

1' Stem ascending or erect, gland-dotted; inflorescence open, flowers spreading to ascending; Desert ..... M. parryi


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