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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Shrub, spiny or unarmed; generally deciduous. Stem: generally ribbed or angled, green. Leaf: generally alternate, ternately 1-compound or simple, petioled; stipules fused to leaf bases (0). Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, racemes, heads, or flowers in clusters on short-shoots. Flower: bilateral; calyx generally < corolla, 2-lipped, upper 2-lobed, lobes ± 1/2 tube, lower generally 3-toothed, < upper lobes; petals 5, generally yellow, banner generally ovate or rounded, outside generally glabrous or variously hairy, keel narrowly oblong to obtuse, ± straight abaxially, often silky-hairy; stamens 10, filaments fused; style ± abruptly bent at tip. Fruit: generally dehiscent, narrowly oblong, compressed, or curved, ± inflated; pedicel < 7 mm. Seed: 1–several-seeded, generally arilled.
90 species: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa, Canary Islands. (Latin: from planta genista, from which English Plantagenet monarchs took their name) Generic circumscription difficult, but Pardo et al. (2004 Plant Syst Evol 244:93–119) suggest recognizing Genista in broad sense (i.e., including Retama, Teline, Ulex). Many naturalized California plants are hybrids involving Genista canariensis, Genista monspessulana, and Genista stenopetala Webb & Berthel. (native of Canary Islands; not in California in pure form), although determining parentage in generally often difficult.
Unabridged references: [Gibbs & Dingwall 1971 Bol Soc Brot 45:269–316]

Key to Genista

1. Leaves simple; corolla white, fruit indehiscent, generally inflated ..... G. monosperma

1' Leaves ternately 1-compound, simple on young stems; corolla yellow, fruit dehiscent, not inflated

2. Leaflet linear or narrow-oblong to -oblanceolate, length generally >= 5 × width, margins rolled under; banner silky-hairy ..... G. linifolia

2' Leaflet oblanceolate to widely obovate, elliptic, or ± round, length generally < 5 × width, margins flat; banner glabrous except for ± V-shaped hairy area along midrib especially near tip or hairy only on midrib or glabrous

3. Leaflet 5–10(12) mm; banner glabrous except for ± V-shaped hairy area along midrib especially near tip ..... G. canariensis

3' Leaflet generally 10–15 mm; banner hairy only on midrib or glabrous

4. Stipules 3–6 mm, persistent; twigs generally dull-yellow-brown-hairy; racemes terminal ..... [G. maderensis]

4' Stipules < 2 mm, deciduous; twigs silvery-silky-hairy, at least in youth; racemes axillary ..... G. monspessulana


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