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Michelle M. McMahon & Duane Isely

Annual, perennial herb, unarmed, gland-dotted. Leaf: generally odd-1-pinnate; stipules inconspicuous, thread-like or glandular. Inflorescence: spike [or not], dense; bracts generally ± conspicuous. Flower: calyx tube 10-ribbed; banner from receptacle, other petals from side or top of filament column; stamens 5 or 9–10, filaments fused; ovules 2. Fruit: indehiscent, included in or ± exserted from calyx. Seed: 1.
± 165 species: America. (T. Dale, English botanist, 18th century) Incl species sometimes put in Parosela, Petalostemon; except other species here put in Marina, Psorothamnus.
Unabridged references: [Barneby 1977 Mem New York Bot Gard 27:135–582, 650–877]

Key to Dalea

1. Plant hairy, generally prostrate, < 3.5 dm; stamens 9–10

2. Calyx 3–7 mm, lobes ± = tube; inflorescence 8–15 mm wide; corolla ± >= calyx; leaflet margin generally entire ..... D. mollis

2' Calyx ± 7–8 mm, lobes generally > tube; inflorescence generally 14–16 mm wide; corolla < calyx; leaflet margin shallowly lobed or wavy ..... D. mollissima

1' Plant (except inflorescence) glabrous, ascending, generally 2.5–5 dm; stamens 5

3. Inflorescence (except corollas) ± 12–16 mm wide, axis not visible between fruits; calyx tube thinly papery, hairs long, silky, ascending ..... D. ornata

3' Inflorescence (except corollas) 8–12 mm wide, axis visible between fruits; calyx tube firm, ± puberulent ..... D. searlsiae


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