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[Annual] perennial herb, small shrub, unarmed. Leaf: alternate, odd-1-pinnate (simple); stipules generally conspicuous, free or fused; leaflets generally 3–several. Inflorescence: axillary umbel, peduncled, flowers generally 10–20. Flower: corolla white or pink to purple to yellow; 9 filaments fused, 1 free; style glabrous. Fruit: indehiscent, linear to lanceolate, segments 1–12. Seed: several.
± 25 species: Mediterranean, northern Africa, central and southern Europe to western Asia, naturalized elsewhere. (Latin: small crown, for shape of inflorescence) [Sokoloff 2003 Bot Zhurn 88:108–113] Coronilla valentina L. subsp. glauca (L.) Batt. (perennial herb, small shrub; corolla yellow) is a waif in Peninsular Ranges.
Unabridged references: [Lassen 1989 Willdenowia 19:49–62; Sokoloff 2003 Bot Zhurn 88:108–113]

Key to Coronilla

1. Perennial herb, small shrub; heads 4–10(12)-flowered; corolla yellow ..... [C. valentina subsp. glauca]

1' Perennial herb; heads generally 10–20-flowered; corolla white or pink to purple ..... C. varia


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