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Shrub, tree, [liana], unarmed. Leaf: even-2-pinnate, alternate; petiole with a gland. Inflorescence: axillary spike-like racemes or ± terminal panicle of head-like racemes. Flower: radial, ± green, yellow, white, or pink; sepals, petals inconspicuous; stamens many, conspicuously exserted, filaments fused below into tube ± = petals, free above. Fruit: not or slowly dehiscent, valves not recurving.
± 140 species: temperate to tropical Africa, Madagascar, southern Asia, especially America. (F. del Albizzi, Florentine nobleman, naturalist, 18th century)

Key to Albizia

1. Inflorescence ± terminal panicle of head-like racemes; stamens 20–38 mm, filaments pink ..... A. julibrissin

1' Inflorescence axillary spike-like racemes; stamens 13–16 mm, filaments green to yellow ..... A. lophantha


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