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1. Nectary pits 2 per corolla lobe (appearing as 1 due to overlapping fringes or not) ..... F. speciosa

1' Nectary pit 1 per corolla lobe

2. Proximal to mid-stem leaves wide-elliptic, not white-margined; inflorescence dense, < 0.5 dm wide ..... F. umpquaensis

2' Proximal to mid-stem leaves narrower than wide-elliptic, white-margined (narrowly so or not); inflorescence dense or ± open, > 0.5 dm wide

3. Inflorescence ± open, generally > 1 dm wide or proximal-most branches < 1 dm from base and widely divergent, or both; distal pedicels generally within small cyme, not arising directly from main stem

4. Cauline leaves whorled, distal-most opposite or not ..... F. albomarginata

5. Inflorescence branches, calyx lobes glabrous; nectary pit 2-lobed at tip ..... var. albomarginata

5' Inflorescence branches, calyx lobes puberulent; nectary pit ± truncate or ± notched at tip ..... var. induta

4' Cauline leaves opposite

6. Stems, abaxial leaf faces glabrous; basal leaves 8–40 mm wide; nectary pit U-shaped ..... F. parryi

6' Stems, abaxial leaf faces puberulent; basal leaves 6–17 mm wide; nectary pit oblong-obovate ..... F. puberulenta

3' Inflorescence dense, interrupted or not, < 1 dm wide, proximal-most branches > 1 dm from base, strongly ascending; distal pedicels generally arising directly from main stem

7. Nectary pit margins with vertical, oblong, basally tubular, distally fringed extensions ..... F. tubulosa

7' Nectary pit margins fringed, without vertical extensions

8. Nectary pit round to ± square; ridge between stamens low, fringed ..... F. neglecta

8' Nectary pit oblong; ridge between stamens with ± 2 mm scales ..... F. albicaulis

9. Stems, abaxial leaf faces puberulent; larger leaves obtuse to rounded at tip ..... var. modocensis

9' Stems, leaves glabrous; larger leaves generally acute at tip ..... var. nitida


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