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Annual, glabrous to hairy; roots fibrous. Stem: erect, 2–40 cm, 4-angled, branched or not. Leaf: cauline, widely linear to ovate, serrate, sessile. Inflorescence: flowers terminal, bracts 2–4, linear, lanceolate, oblanceolate, to ovate. Flower: not inverted, pedicelled or not; sepals 0.5–3 × ovary, linear to narrowly triangular; corolla cylindric, funnel-, or bell-shaped, throat white, lobes linear to widely ovate, white to deep purple; ovary inferior, obconic or cylindric, narrowed near middle or not. Fruit: open at top irregularly by tears where style falls off, within persistent sepals. Seed: ± 1 mm, angular-fusiform.
4 species: western North America. (Greek: Githago -like) [Morin 1983 Syst Bot 8:436–468] Width in length-to-width ratios of corollas (or ovaries) measured at tube (or ovary) tops.

Key to Githopsis

1. Corolla cylindric, 2.5–3 mm; flowers generally cleistogamous; bracts ovate ..... G. tenella

1' Corolla funnel- to bell-shaped, generally > 3 mm; flowers open; bracts narrower than ovate

2. Corolla showy, 1–1.5 × longer than wide; filament base wider than tip, ciliate ..... G. pulchella

3. Ovary 2.5–5.5 mm; corolla generally < 12 mm ..... subsp. serpentinicola

3' Ovary >= 5.5 mm; corolla generally > 12 mm

4. Ovary obconic, hairs dense, recurved, stiff; upper branches 15–30 mm ..... subsp. campestris

4' Ovary cylindric to narrowly obconic, hairs 0, minute, fine, appressed, or coarse; upper branches > 32 mm ..... subsp. pulchella

5. Stem, ovary hairs 0 or fine, appressed; corolla 10–15 mm ..... var. glabra

5' Stem, ovary puberulent or hairs rough, coarse; corolla 13–24 mm ..... var. pulchella

2' Corolla not showy, 2–4.5 × longer than wide; filament base no wider than tip, glabrous or sparsely ciliate

6. Ovary obconic, ± narrowed at top, base long-tapered; pedicel rarely 0; corolla 4.5–14 mm ..... G. specularioides

6' Ovary cylindric to obconic, narrowed near middle, base swollen; pedicel 0; corolla 1.5–7.5 mm ..... G. diffusa

7. Corolla lobes white, pale blue, or pale pink, darker when dry

8. Upper stem 0.4–1 mm wide; corolla 5–7.5 mm ..... subsp. candida

8' Upper stem 0.2–0.4 mm wide; corolla 1.5–5 mm ..... subsp. filicaulis

7' Corolla lobes light violet, violet-blue, or light to deep blue

9. Ovary 5–6.5 × longer than wide ..... subsp. diffusa

9' Ovary 2–5 × longer than wide ..... subsp. robusta


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