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Annual, perennial herb, from taproot, fibrous roots, or rhizome, hairs 0 to dense. Stem: reclining or erect, branched, 2–60[150] cm, 4-angled. Leaf: basal or not, cauline, generally lanceolate to ovate, thin, fleshy, or leathery, entire to toothed, sessile or petioled, gradually reduced distally to bracts in inflorescence. Inflorescence: raceme and/or flowers 1 [head, spike, panicle]; terminal or axillary. Flower: not inverted; corolla cylindric to funnel- or bell-shaped, white to deep blue, cut 1/4–2/3 [to all the way] to base, lobes narrow- to wide-triangular; ovary inferior, hemispheric, spheric, or oblong to obconic. Fruit: open by 2–3 lateral pores. Seed: 0.6–3.5 mm, oblong or fusiform.
± 400 species: northern hemisphere; many cultivated, some medicinal. (Latin: little bell, from corolla shape) [Roquet et al. 2008 Syst Bot 33:203–217] Campanula prenanthoides moved to Asyneuma.
Unabridged references: [Morin 1980 Madroño 27:149–163]
Unabridged note: Campanula medium L. collected in 2000 from landfill northern of Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mountains, but probably not reproducing.

Key to Campanula

1. Annual, in dry places

2. Leaf oblong-ovate; ovary obovoid to spheric ..... C. angustiflora

2' Leaf ± linear or lanceolate; ovary oblong

3. Corolla < 4 mm ..... C. griffinii

3' Corolla > 7 mm

4. Upper leaves, bracts ± linear; ovary (hypanthium surface) hairy but not papillate ..... C. exigua

4' Upper leaves, bracts widely lanceolate; ovary papillate ..... C. sharsmithiae

1' Perennial herb, in dry places or not

5. Style >> corolla, well exserted ..... C. scouleri

5' Style <= corolla, not exserted

6. Plant hairy throughout

7. Leaf ± 30 mm, entire ..... C. scabrella

7' Leaf 6–7 mm, with few large teeth ..... C. shetleri

6' Plant hairs 0 or only on leaf margins, stem angles, sepals

8. Leaf margin entire; cauline leaf 30–60 mm ..... C. rotundifolia

8' Leaf margin ± sharp-toothed or crenate; cauline leaf < 20 mm

9. Leaf ovate, margin crenate, with recurved, stiff hairs; corolla bell-shaped; coastal ..... C. californica

9' Leaf narrowly oblong, margin with few sharp teeth, glabrous; corolla funnel-shaped; inland ..... C. wilkinsiana


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